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Hiram and Sally Casto

Hiram Casto was born 3 July 1824 in the area of what is now West Virginia but, back then, was still part of Virginia. His parents were Daniel Taylor and Mary Elizabeth Shamblin Casto.

Hiram moved around quite a bit in his life. He in shown living in Jackson County, Virginia in 1850.
Clipping from 1850 Census
By 1860, he is living in Pekin, Dillon, Tazewell County, Illinois.
Clipping from 1860 census.
Son, George W., is also living with them, but he is on the next page.
He stays in the Dillon area in 1870, but by 1880 he has moved to Washington, Pettis County, Missouri. Then, by 1900, he is living in Williams, Benton County, Illinois. He seems to have stayed in Benton County until he died.
Clipping from 1910 census
Hiram and Sally are living with their son, Mason R. Casto
Hiram married Sarah Casto, the daughter of John George Casto and Katherine Westfall. Sarah and Hiram were second cousins, once removed.

In the 1900 and 1910 censuses, Sarah is listed as having given birth to 12 children.
Clipping from 1910 census showing number of children Sally had and how many are still living in 1910
Five of her children were listed as still living in 1900, and only four of them were listed as living in 1910. I only have seven children listed for her (and her husband), so the other five are still a mystery to me. Here are the children I have so far for the couple:
  • Daniel Taylor Casto (born c. 1851)
  • Mason Raspburn Casto (born 5 September 1856)
  • Harriet Casto (born c. December 1859)
  • George Washington Casto (born 5 June 1865)
  • John Casto (born March 1868)
  • Hiram Franklin Casto (born c. 1871)
  • William Casto (born c. 1873)
If anyone knows the names of the other five children I am missing from my list, please send me a message! I would love to complete the family lines here. My brother and I both agree that we think these missing children were very young when they died. Most probably, they were born at least between Daniel and Mason and/or between Harriet and George.

Sarah died 22 April 1913 in Cole Camp, Benton County, Missouri. Hiram died a few years later on 25 October 1924, also in Cole Camp. They are buried at Union-Williams Cemetery in Cole Camp.

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